Advantage Nr.1: Date Night

“First dates are the worst.”

Wine can actually be a date-saver. Here are 4 reasons why:

1. Looses inhibitions:

You will be nervous and beautiful. He will be awkward and sweating. There is no better way to calm the nerves than a nice glass of wine. Enjoy it and drink it slowly, no need to shoot it back.

2. Good conversation starter:

Ordering wine can be really fun because most of the time no one knows how to read the wine menu, no one recognises any wines, let alone knows how to pronounce them. You start discussing the list:

“Would you like French wine?”

“I actually prefer Italian wine.”

“Oh! Have you ever been to Italy?”


“Oh my god me too!”

“Let’s marry!”

Ok, that escalated quickly. But we proved a point.

3. Sets the mood:

As soon as the wine is ordered, poured into your glass and touches your lips, the mood is set. Any meal gets rewarded with an upgrade, when eaten with wine (although no wine help if he invites you to a date at Kentucky Fried Chicken. In this case, run girl). A glass of wine, or a shared bottle, will immediately make your date classier and more special.

4. No potty-breaks every two minutes:

We all suffer from the same problem. One glass of beer and you have to go to the restroom. The seal is broken and you will be running back and forth forever, leaving him to talk to himself or worse, to the girl next to him. Choose wine and stay put.

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