Advantage Nr. 8 Leave on a romantic getaway in different wine regions

Can you imagine spending a week-end with your loved one, in an outrageously beautiful place, being taken care of all day and being able to drink high quality wine at the same time?

Well, surely it is hard to believe… but thanks to us, all of this can turn into reality real soon!

Let us explain what would be a PERFECT week end for us girls, we’re sure you share some of our tastes:

  • Waking up surrounded by vines, having breakfast in bed overlooking the beautiful colors of the vineyard, eating grapes from the plant
  • Having a long walk through the vines, breathing the fresh air and enjoying the beauty of nature
  • Spending the rest of the day at the spa, trying some of the latest vino therapy treatments, which basically consists on putting grapes or wine on your skin (even Louis XIV used these kind of treatments back in Versailles to give his skin beautiful radiance…)

We will not give you exact addresses where to go here on the blog, but let’s say that you can find these kind of places everywhere in France: Burgundy, Alsace, Bordeaux… With today’s technology it will take you only 5 seconds to find your dream come true!

Check out some of our ideas below !


Advice box7


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