Advantage Nr. 10 Work in wine!

For most of you wine is only about drinking it, but did you know you could find the best job and expect a great career in the wine business too?

Working on a noble product and in a passionate universe: this is what awaits you if you turn to the art of wine! In this sector, there is of course the producers and winemakers, but many opportunities are offered today in commercial and marketing functions.

Let us give you some advices to help you find the job of your dreams:

  1. Do not go in this area by chance. Everyone working in this environment say: you have to be passionate!
  2. Follow specialized studies. The ideal is to start with a general training (management, business school) and then finish with a specialized master in wine.
  3. Multiply internships and small jobs in this sector. Every experience (even harvesting!) is very important, not only to learn the business, but also to build a network.
  4. Be mobile. Most of the players in these industries are based in small towns, near the                      vineyards, so it’s better to be mobile throughout France.

It is now time for you to grab your computer and start looking for a job in the wine business!

Here’s a list of some career in wine that may inspire you:

  1. Winemaker: he or she is the responsible for creating the bottles of fermented grapes for the rest of us to enjoy. The winemaker oversees every aspect of the final product, and it’s something that typically requires serious schooling or a lot of hands-on experience. We’ve the pleasure to have in our team one incredible German winemaker, here’s the website of her winery: Lergenmueller and here’s an article written by Madelyne, another of our team about her tasting: Edvin for #Girlbosswinemaker

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 10.16.06

  1. Sommelier: when the wine leaves definitely the vineyard, it can either distributed in the stores or in restaurants or bar, or both. Top restaurants that put a premium on great wine typically employ a sommelier. In the simplest terms, the sommelier is the wine expert in charge of pairing wines with foods on the menu and talking to diners about the wines, before, during and after dinner. Here’s one of the most important sommelier’s school: MasterSommelier


  1. Cellar Manager: A cellar manager is the one that takes care of the wine once it’s made. He has to be extremely precise with the conditions in which the wine is stored and take regular, daily tastings of each batch to make sure it’s where it should be. The cellar manager works closely with the winemaker and typically has a few employees under her, called “cellar rats.” Starting out as a rat is a great way to work your way up to manager.


  1. Export/Import manager: He is a wine expert, he’s always available to travel all around the world and he usually speaks fluent english (especially business english) and other languages: he is a wine strategist, always looking for business around the world.


Good luck!



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