Advantages Nr. 5 Wine for Christmas

Christmas time is here!


This is a magic time and it’s probably the best of the year. When you go out, you see all the colored shiny lights, you can smell the eggnog, the cinnamon, you see all the people looking for presents, boys wearing those weird lovely Christmas sweater…



You just can’t ignore the spirit of Christmas. But it can also be stressful and expensive. You are there, another year, thinking about what to buy for your boyfriend, your parents, your best friend…getting presents is not so easy! To make it short and simple, we thought at two types of gifts: something that you can drink and something that can help you drink. This simple formula has helped us so many time. Who wouldn’t like to receive as a gift from auntie a Dom Perignon rosé? Well I will, but this time we want to fly down and introduce some nice wine accessories that everyone will like. Some are useful, some are fun, some are cheap, some are expensive. I hope you will find an idea for your family and friends:


1 Corkscrew & Bottle Opener: Fred & Friends Handlebar is a moustache designed corkscrew and bottle opener. The handle is a high gloss, well crafted aluminum with a stainless steel cork screw


Here it is!

2 An expensive carafe: I mean, if you really love this person and you can afford it


Here it is!

3 Wine decanter and aerator: in using the Soiree to aerate your wine, you will notice the subtleties and character of the wine emerge immediately upon entering your glass. Soiree delivers a truly “open” wine just by pouring through it


Here it is!

4 Another cool wine aerator, ’cause wine aerator are cool


Here it is!

5 A fancy and multifunctional electric corkscrew


Here it is!

6 and then, the last but not the least: your new favorite t-shirt



“I’m only wishing for one thing this Christmas and it isn’t you. What I really want is a lot of really nice Wine”

Here it is!

7 And then, if you really don’t find any of these interesting look at these other cool ideas:



Merry Christmas!

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